Orientation Plan 2020 Islamabad Campus

 Happening date 15-Sep-2020
 Posted date 11-Sep-2020

The classes and orientation of Batch 2020 will be held at the campus. The classes of Batch 2020 shall commence from Tuesday, September 15, 2020. The schedule of orientation is as follows:

Orientation Timings for Batch 2020

14-Sep-20Management SciencesMBA & MS(MS)All11:00 amMEDC
Electrical EngineeringMS(EE)A11:00 amRoom G-01, B Block
Computer ScienceMS(CS, SE, CNS, DS, AI)All12:00 pmAuditorium
15-Sep-20Electrical EngineeringBS (EE)A8:30 amRoom B-27, B Block
BS (EE)B8:30 amRoom B-28, B Block
BS (EE)C8:30 amRoom B-29, B Block
Computer ScienceBS(SE)Q, R, V9:00 amAuditorium
BS(AI) & BS(DS)J, K, N10:20 amAuditorium
BS(CYS)T10:20 amRoom C-310, C Block
BS(CS)A, B, C, Y, Z11:15 amAuditorium
BS(CS)D, E, F, G, H12:10 pmAuditorium
BS(SE)P, S1:05 pmAuditorium
Management SciencesBBAA1:00 pmRoom N-02,  A Block
BBAB1:00 pmRoom N-03, A Block
BS(AF)A1:00 pmRoom N-04, A Block

All students of Batch 2020 are advised to report at NUCES - FAST, Islamabad campus, A.K. Brohi, Road H-11/4, Islamabad at 08:00 AM for attending classes and orientation sessions.