Career Services Office

Career Services Office Duties:

Provide support to students in work experience placements including internships and practicum placements and guide them according to industry requirements.

  • Developing and maintaining a current database of appropriate employers, student placements and experiential assignments.
  • Advising students for all opportunities in the market and guide them accordingly.
  • Coordinating student and placement activities at University level.
  • Playing an active role in the distribution of relevant documentation to student’s through factual and online portal.
  • Supporting both paid internships and unpaid placements for all programs.
  • Invite employer for on campus recruitment drive and make the necessary arrangements.
  • To organize and attend placement visits.
  • To make sure maximum of our graduates get an opportunity to be campus interviewed.
  • Designing and implementing student work programs including resume writing, interview preparation workshops etc.
  • Publishing Graduate Directory
  • Organize Open House/ Job Fair

Contact Details:

Aysah Shafiq (Career Services Officer)
Phone: Tel: +92-41-111-128-128 Ext: 194

Career Services Office Duties:

FAST Career Services Office is dedicated for student development, job placements and creating linkages with the industry. It helps them define their career goals and equip them with the skills required for a successful career. Career Services Office facilitates the students and alumni from all departments.

To achieve this goal, Career Services Office arranges an array of activities such as career development workshops and seminars, career counselling camp, career boot camp, mock interviews, recruitment drives for internships & jobs and the annual job fair etc. This not only helps the corporate sector but the students/ alumni as well in making the right choice.

Career Services Office also organizes alumni related activities such as alumni talks, alumni surveys and annual homecoming.

For any query or details please contact the Career Services Office on the following:

Contact Details:

Ms. Amna Ali Khan
Deputy Manager (Career Services)
Voice: 051 111 128 128 Ext: 349

Mr. Muhammad Imran
Assistant Manager (Career Services)
Voice: 051 111 128 128 Ext: 371
Mob: 92-343-7545137


Career Services Office Duties:

  • Maintaining up to date information on careers, occupations and current employment opportunities & trends.
  • Arranging Job Placements for students, Arranging Internships for Students, Maintaining Alumni Relations.
  • Interviewing applicants & identifying qualified resources for different organizations.
  • Conducting recruitment drives at the university level.
  • Conducting Recruitment Drives, Advertisements & Announcements, Conducting guest Speakers Sessions, Arranging Industrial Visits for Students.
  • Contacting employers for recruitment drives, Maintaining Facebook page regarding placements and internships.
  • Forming good business relationships with clients and candidates.
  • Taking feedback regarding the placements from both the Organizations & Candidates.

Contact Details:

Syed Muhammad Haris Hayat (Career Services Officer)
Phone:+92-21-111-128-128, Ext: 238

Vision Statement:

Identifying and securing career options that reflect unique interests, skills, and aspirations of our students.

Mission Statement:

Career Services Office provides career-related counseling, and resources, to help individuals clarify academic and career goals, establish career plans, develop job-search skills, and make successful career transitions to bridge the gap between education and employment. Career Services Office builds relationship with alumni, employers to optimize internship, job, and career opportunities.


  • Developing employability value among students
  • Providing Career Road Map
  • Organizing career-oriented seminars & workshops
  • Exploring full range of professions; jobs and internships
  • Arranging Recruitment Drives and Mock Interviews
  • Industry Academia Linkage and Collaborations
  • Alumni Relations
  • Employer-Student Networking Avenue

Functions of Career Services Office:

  • Career Services Office of FAST Lahore Campus works to develop and enhance employability value among students with support and resources that are effective for career planning.
  • FAST Career Services Office works in consultation with Coordinator Industry-Institute interaction for organizing lectures from the professionals from industry.
  • The office explores full range of professions, jobs, internships and work possibilities locally/ globally that matches student career goals and plays a vital role in developing job‐search competencies among students.
  • The office provides necessary guidance for students to pitch themselves effectively and making informed choices among a variety of job options.
  • FAST Career Services Office develops and coordinates student workshops on resume writing, cover letters, interviewing skills and other related topics throughout the year that are aimed to nurturing students professionally.
  • Employer engagement and Alumni Relations are one of the integral functions of the office where placement team obtains information on employment opportunities and prospective collaborations.
  • Career Services Office works closely with alumni who share information on open positions; help create internship programs; act as mentors; or participate in career development programs.
  • Career Services Office organizes and coordinates Career fair on campus that brings representatives of the companies and students on one platform.

Contact Details:

Mr. Bashir Muhammad Khan (Deputy Manager)
Phone: 111-128-128 (ext: 204)
Direct Line: 042-35160977

Career Services Office Duties:

  1. Career Services Office is responsible for seeking employment opportunities for our graduates.
  2. This is office is also responsible for seeking internship opportunities for our current students.
  3. Providing help and support to our students in obtaining internship internationally through organizations like AIESEC and IAESTE.
  4. Maintaining record of Peshawar campus alumni and also updating that record with passage of time.
  5. Work as bridge between University and its alumni.
  6. Participating in different job fairs where alumni and students get a chance to interact with different organizations and companies regarding placement and job opportunities.
  7. Inviting different organizations and companies to participate in open house and job fairs arranged at our campus for placement of our alumni.
  8. Career Services Office also arranges On-Campus employment interviews and tests for various organizations.
  9. This office also arranges On-Campus tests and interviews for internship of current students.
  10. This office arranges seminars and lectures related to interview and communication skills, CV writing, personality development, students counseling etc by top professionals of other organizations and also by our faculty members.
  11. This office also works on Industry-Academia linkage and collaboration related to placement of students and alumni.

Contact Details:

Faisal Mahboob (Officer Career Services)
Phone: 0333-9129308