Participation in International Conferences / Workshops / Seminars

Event Title Date Venue
webinarNew Realities for Quality Assurance and Online Resources Jul 15, 2020Online
webinarOnline Learning - Pakistan Jul 09, 2020Online
WebinarAccess to, success and challenges in higher education amid COVID-19 and beyond Jul 09, 2020Online
WebinarThe Assessment of Student Performance in Online Education Jul 09, 2020Online
Webinar"Season 1 Episode 1 International Students will Become an Endangered Species Post Covid-19" Jul 08, 2020Online
webinarInternational Students will Become an Endangered Species Jul 08, 2020Online
WebinarHigher Education Challenges during COVID-19 Jul 08, 2020Online
webinarOnline Assessment: Best Practices and Practical Solutions Jun 29, 2020Online
WebinarWomen are Powerful Agents of Change Jun 29, 2020Online
WebinarThe Future of Value-Based Higher Education and Quality Assurance - The Future of Academic Freedom. Jun 17, 2020Online
WebinarQA Governance Jun 16, 2020Online
webinarQS University Rankings: Asia - Baerbel Eckelmann & Samuel Wong Jun 13, 2020Online
webinar2-Day Workshop on Quality Assurance in E-LearningJun 12-13, 2020Online
webinarAppliedHE Squaring the Circle Debate Jun 10, 2020Online
WebinarThe COVID-19 Pandemic Changes Everything in Global Higher Education Jun 10, 2020Online
Webinar"Higher Education and Quality in Fall 2020: What Do We Need to Do and How Do We Do It Well?" May 28, 2020Online
WebinarGlobal Higher Education Post Covid-19: Shared Experiences, Shared Future May 27, 2020Online
webinarHigher Education and Quality in Fall 2020: What Do We Need to Do and How Do We Do It Well? May 20, 2020Online
WebinarAssuring Quality in Higher Education In a Time of Crisis May 06, 2020Online
Training WorkshopTwo-Days Training workshop on Role of Information Technology to Enhance Professional Skills - Phase-II Apr 30, 2020NUCES, CFD
WebinarCHEA/CIQG Autonomy Webinar on Institutional Autonomy Apr 16, 2020Online
webinarJoin Our Webinar and Meet the New Kid on the Block Apr 15, 2020Online
WebinarMeet the New Kid on the Block (Part 1) Apr 15, 2020Online
WebinarAppliedHE Meet the New Kid on the Block Webinar Apr 15, 2020Online
WebinarQEC-PWR attended a webinar on Meet the New Kid on The Block organized by AppliedHE Apr 15, 2020Online
WebinarQEC-PWR attended a webinar on Making Decisions from QS Analytics Insights organized by QS Quacquarelli Symonds. Mar 25, 2020Online
Training WorkshopImplementation of Outcome Based Education Mar 20, 2020NUCES, CFD
Video ConferencingBalanced Score Card: A Tool of Total Quality Management Mar 12, 2020NUCES, Head Office
WorkshopTraining Workshop on MS Advance Excel at NUCES, Islamabad campus Mar 04, 2020NUCES, Islamabad
Training WorkshopSeminar on Role of Faculty in establishing & assessing QEC Mechanism'' Feb 15, 2020ILMA University, QEC
Training WorkshopTwo-Days Training workshop on Information Technology to Enhance Professional Skills - Phase-IJan 16-17, 2020NUCES, CFD
Video ConferencingBenchmarking Jan 15, 2020NUCES, Head Office
SeminarQEC-PWR attended event of Tech KP 2020 organized at Peshawar Campus. Jan 10, 2020NUCES, Peshawar
Training WorkshopQuantitative Data Analysis Techniques Dec 04, 2019NUCES, CFD
Training WorkshopAcademic Writing Nov 19, 2019NUCES, CFD
Training WorkshopHands on 1.0 CPD Credit Workshop on LaTex: An Effective Tool for ResearchersOct 16-17, 2019NUCES, CFD
Training WorkshopPre-visit preparation of IPE, MS/PhD program review Jul 19, 2019Lahore Campus
Training WorkshopImportance of Institutional Performance Evaluation (IPE) at HEIs Jun 21, 2019NUCES, CFD
Training WorkshopProfessional Toolkit for Managers Apr 25, 2019NUCES, CFD
Conference 2nd International Workshop on Quality Assurance in Higher EducationApr 24-25, 2019University of Education, Lahore
International Conference2nd International Conference on Quality Assurance in Higher EducationApr 23-25, 2019University of Education, Lahore
Workshop Strategic Planning for Your Organization Apr 23, 2019University of Education, Lahore
Workshop Embedding Quality Culture in a University: a management perspective Apr 23, 2019University of Education, Lahore
Training WorkshopImpact Factor Publications Apr 11, 2019NUCES, CFD
Training WorkshopContinuous Quality Improvement under Outcome Based Education Paradigm Mar 29, 2019NUCES, CFD
International Seminar1st International Seminar on QS World University Rankings Mar 29, 2019University of Lahore, Lahore
Video ConferencingPutting Blooms Taxanomy to Work Mar 27, 2019NUCES, CFD
Workshopparticipated in the workshop: 'Blooms Taxonomy' by IBA Karachi Mar 27, 2019IBA, Karachi
Video ConferencingPutting Bloom's Taxonomy to Work Mar 27, 2019IBA Karachi
Training WorkshopOne Day Training Workshop on Design & Development of Curriculum and its Assessment Techniques Mar 14, 2019NUCES, CFD
Workshop 2-day workshop at NUCES, Islamabad Campus on Toolkits for Effective ProfessionalsNov 7-8, 2018NUCES, Islamabad
Training WorkshopImplementation of Outcome Based Education Framework Oct 26, 2018NUCES, CFD
Training WorkshopIntegrated Management System (IMS) & OHSASAug 8-9, 2018Islamabad Hotel
MeetingQEC-PWR attended a meeting cum workshop on Uniformity of practices throughout NUCES Campuses. It was organized by and held at FAST Head Office. The meeting was chaired by the Rector. Jul 20, 2018NUCES, Head Office
Seminar Outcome Based Education (OBE) organized by Department of Electrical Engineering, NUCES, Peshawar. Resource Person was Dr. Khalid Mahmood, Professor Department of Electrical Engineering, UoT Nowshera. Jul 17, 2018NUCES, Peshawar
Video Conferencing Significance of Feedback of the Stakeholders focusing on Employers and Alumni Jul 12, 2018King Saud University, Saudi Arabia
Training WorkshopInstitutional Performance Evaluation Jul 09, 2018NUCES, CFD
Video Conferencing Use of MS Excel at Advance level. Mr. Sikandar Riaz, AM-QEC, Faisalabad Campus was the resource person. Jun 28, 2018NUCES, CFD
Video Conferencing Identification and Prioritization of Critical Issues in Promoting the Quality Culture in HEIs delivered by Dr. Mustaghis ur Rahman and Dr. Zaki Rashidi were key note speakers and organized by IBA Karachi. Nov 15, 2017IBA Karachi
Video Conferencing Promises Of Experiential Learning Aug 19, 2017Agha Khan University.
WorkshopQEC-PWR attended a workshop on Design, Development, and Implementation of Outcome Based education(OBE) organized by the Department of Electrical Engineering, Peshawar Campus. Jul 19, 2017NUCES, Peshawar
Workshop3-Day Training workshop on Quality Assurance & Governance organized by TESP-HECMay 18-20, 2017HEC
Video Conferencing Awareness on ISO 9001-2015 organized by Shaheed Zulfiqar Ali Bhuttoo Institute of Science & Technology, Karachi May 15, 2017SZABIST, Karachi.
SeminarOvercome Stress & Achieve Goals Apr 19, 2017NUCES, Peshawar
Seminar Soft Skills Nov 30, 2016NUCES, Peshawar
Video Conferencing Triangulation of Teaching, Assessment & Learning Outcomes Jul 27, 2016Indus University, Karachi.
Video Conferencing Using Blue Ocean Strategy & Balanced Scorecard in Higher Education Institutions May 12, 2016Institute of Business Management, Karachi
Video Conferencing World Quality Day by the title Emerging Quality Issues in Higher Education in Pakistan Apr 05, 2016University of Punjab
Video Conferencing How to raise Quality of Higher Education? Jan 18, 2016Virtual University, Head Office
Video Conferencing Managing QEC Official Documentation . Jan 13, 2016NUCES, Islamabad
Video Conferencing Linking Program's Objectives with Vision, Mission of the Department Aug 31, 2015NUCES, Karachi
Conference 2-Day International Workshop on Outcome Based Education & Assessment Aug 28-29, 2015UET, Peshawar
Video Conferencing Development of a Systematic Internal quality Assurance System Aug 13, 2015HEC
Video Conferencing Assessment of Learning Outcome organized by HEC, NUCES, Islamabad. Resource person was Prof. Dr. Abdul Wahid Usmani, Consultant Deanship King Saud University. Aug 10, 2015King Saud University, Saudi Arabia
SeminarQEC-PWR attended a training session on delivered by Mr. Muhammad Bilal, Deputy Director, QEC, University of Agriculture, Peshawar. May 08, 2015University of Agriculture, Peshawar
Video Conferencing Follow-up of Implementation Plan delivered by Ms. Sahar Javed, Deputy Manager, FAST-NU, Lahore. Apr 30, 2015NUCES, Lahore
Video Conferencing Quality Enhancement, a Three Cycle Strategy organized by Khyber Medical University, Peshawar. Resource person was Prof. Dr. Muhammad Awais, Director, QEC, King Edward Medical University, Lahore. Apr 16, 2015King Edward Medical University, Lahore
Conference​​13th International Convention on Quality Improvement (ICQI-2014)Nov 17-18, 2014Lahore​​
WorkshopStructural Equation ModelingAug 29-31, 2014IMS, Peshawar
Video Conference​Academic Integrity and Plagiarism, Resource Person:Ms. Randa Al Chidiac, Executive Director, Library, Holy Spirit University of Kaslik (USEK), Lebanon. Aug 27, 2014NUCES, Islamabad​​
​Workshop​​​Methodology of Conducting and Elaborating Upon Interpretations of Advance Quantitative Research Techniques Using SPSSMay 21-22, 2014​​​IST, Islamabad
​Meeting​8th QEC Meeting of W Category UniversityMay 08-09, 2014​​​HEC, Lahore
​​Workshop​​​Complex Engineering Problem Solving/Activities​Apr 24, 2014​​​​​PEC HQ, Islamabad​​​
​Workshop​​​The Outcome Based Assessment of Accreditation and EducationFeb 28, 2014​​​​​​​PEC HQ, Islamabad​​​
​​Video Conference​​Developing Personal Development Plans by Dr. GoharWajid,Feb 10, 2014​​HEC, Islamabad​​
​ConferenceNBEAC/HEC​ Deans and Director Conference​Jan 27-28, 2014​​​​​Islamabad​
​Workshop​Quality Assurance in Education29 Nov, 2013​Islamabad​​​
​Video Conference​​Kirk Patrick Model for Evaluating Trainings in Higher Education, Resource Person: Dr Abdul Wahid Usmani​06 Sep, 2013​​NUCES, Islamabad​
​Video Conference​Writing Effective Self-Assessment Report Jul 08, 2013NUCES, Islamabad
​Video Conference​​Workshop on Strengthening Programs' Self-Assessment by Prof Colin PerusMay 23, 2013​​HEC, Islamabad
Workshop​​​Programs' Self-Assessment" Apr 16, 2013NUCES, Islamabad​​