Annual Life Cycle (2020)

Months Activity # Activity Description
January1Lab Assessment Report
2Submission of University Portfolio Report to HO for Internal IPE
3Submission of updated MS/M.Phil Datasheets as per HEC format to HO
4Monthly QEC Report to HO
5HEC Meeting/Training through Video Conference (TBA)
6QEC Training at HEC
February7Monthly QEC Report to HO
8Corrective Action Report on IPE (Internal & External)
9Corrective Action Report on Accreditation Visits
10Corrective Action Report on SARs for all Phases
11Semester Assessment Status
March12Lab Assessment Meeting
13Monthly QEC Report to HO
14Quarterly Progress Report 1
15MS/PhD Progress Review Report
16Exam Assessment Report
April17Program Team Training
18Faculty Awareness Workshop on QA
19Monthly QEC Report to HO
20Student Feedback Trend Analysis
21Graduating Trend Analysis Report
22QA Awareness Training for Admin
23QA Awareness Training for Students
May24Lab Assessment Meeting
25Semester Assessment Status
26Submission of HEC YPR 2019-2020-
27Monthly QEC Report to HO
June28Quarterly Progress Report 2
29Monthly QEC Report to HO
30Student Semester Feedback Report for HoD
31Semester Grading Trend Analysis Meeting
32Exam Assessment Report
33Faculty Satisfaction Report
34Faculty Semester Development Analysis
35QEC Folder Assessment Report
36Faculty Course Review Report
37Faculty Semester Report
38QA Benchmarking Visit
39Accreditation Visit
July40Lab Assessment Meeting
41Executive Summary for Top Management
42Student Feedback
August43Monthly QEC Report to HO
44Corrective Action Report on IPE (Internal & External)
September45Corrective Action Report on Accreditation Visits
46Corrective Action Report on SARs for all Phases
47Faculty Awareness Workshop
48Executive Summary for Top Management
49Quarterly Progress Report 3
50Graduating Survey Meeting
51Exam Assessment Report
October52Executive Summary for Top Management
53Student Feedback Report
54Alumni Feedback Report
55Enrollment Trend Analysis of the year
56Accreditation Report Preparation
November57Lab Assessment Meeting
58Executive Summary for Top Management
59MS/PhD Progress Review Report
60SAR/Program Team Report Meeting
61Employers' Feedback Meeting
December62Quarterly Progress Report 4
63Executive Summary for Top Management
64Assessment Team Visit
65Student Feedback
66Student Semester Feedback Report for HoD
67Semester Grading Trend Analysis Meeting
68Exam Assessment Report
69Faculty Satisfaction Meeting
70Faculty Semester Development Analysis
71Quality Assurance Awareness Training for Admin
72Quality Assurance Awareness Training for Students
73QEC Annual Performance Report
74QEC Annual Newsletter
75QEC Folder Assessment
76Faculty Course Review Report
77Faculty Semester Report
78Quality Assurance Benchmarking Visit
79Semester Assessment Status