The university true to the innovative spirit of its founders is alive to the cause of research and development. The breadth, depth, and assortment of research activities in the university have contributed to the national socio-economic stream.

In the same vein, to channelize research-led initiatives, ORIC has been established. It provides services linked to research and development, innovation, commercialization, collaboration, capacity building and facilitates researchers in the processing of the grants


The vision of ORIC is to promote research and innovation in the local context.


To take Pakistan forward by continuously improving quality of research, building partnerships with the industry, and being able to capitalize on outcomes that result from research and development activities

Ms. Faryal Saud has joined FAST NUCES CFD campus in 2013 as an Instructor. She is now working as a Lecturer in Computer Science department. Her areas of interest are Data Mining, Machine Learning and Educational Data Mining. She has an international research publication in the area of Data Mining.

Conference Paper:

  • Outliers classification for mining evolutionary community using Support Vector Machine and Logistic Regression on Azure ML Link
  • To work as per directives of Higher Education Commission
  • To encourage pragmatic research in the context of Pakistan’s socio-economic needs
  • To identify and inform the faculty members about research opportunities
  • To facilitate joint research ventures and academic collaborations
  • To promote publication of research work being conducted in the university
  • To assist faculty in acquiring funds from international and national funding agencies
  • To promote entrepreneurship, technology transfer and commercialization activities that support both local and national economies
  • To commercialize research in collaboration with industry
  • To periodically arrange awareness seminars, symposia and workshops for the benefit of faculty and students
  • Educate faculty about university research policy and process grant requests
  • Develop, maintain and communicate pre and post-award administrative procedures for externally sponsored projects
  • Support faculty regarding contracts, progress reports, and other sponsor grants actions
  • Connect faculty and students with prospective industrial partners
  • Assist students, faculty and alumnus in pursuit of technological or social innovations
  • Mentor the promising start-ups during the initial period when they are most susceptible
  • Assist on patent filing and licensing
  • Continually keep web and social media presence to share the latest research, scholarship, and entrepreneurial opportunities

Dr. Muhammad Asif Naeem
Director (ORIC)
(051) 111-128-128 Ext: 124
FAST House, Rohtas Road, G-9/4, Islamabad, Pakistan
Mr. Muhammad Aatif Saif Khan
Manager (ORIC)
(051)2855072-74 Ext: 129
FAST House, Rohtas Road, G-9/4, Islamabad, Pakistan
Mr. Rana Ayaz
Manager (ORIC)
(051)2855072-74 Ext: 129
FAST House, Rohtas Road, G-9/4, Islamabad, Pakistan
Sayeda Sadia Batool
Grants Management Officer (ORIC)
(051)2855072-74 Ext: 138
FAST House, Rohtas Road, G-9/4, Islamabad, Pakistan