The sponsoring body of the University – the Foundation for Advancement of Science and Technology (FAST) was established in 1980. It is registered with the Government of Pakistan as a charitable institution. In 1985, it selected higher education as a vehicle to pursue its objective of producing scientists and technologists of the highest calibre. FAST pioneered the development of IT industry in Pakistan by offering the country’s first undergraduate program in Computer Science. Today, this University, sponsored by FAST, stands recognized as the leader and trend-setter in this field in Pakistan and abroad.

A Board of Governors, elected in accordance with its Charter, manages the affairs of the Foundation. The members of the Board are eminent personalities in their respective fields and are associated with the Foundation in an honorary capacity.

Board of Governors of FAST


  1. Mr. Wasim Sajjad N.I


  1. Justice (R) Mian Muhammad Ajmal
  2. Dr Amir Muhammed
  3. Mr. Rashid A. Khan
  4. Mr. Ahmad Farooq
  5. Registrar - Dr. Waseem Ikram
  6. Dr Jawwad Shamsi
  7. Chairman, HEC
  8. Secretary (MOE)