Online classes extended till May 31, 2020

 Happening date 31-Mar-2020
 Posted date 31-Mar-2020

The University’s management has decided the following:

  1. Online teaching shall continue. The remaining course can be covered till the closure of university for Eid break at the end of May 2020.
  2. No evaluation (exams) shall be held till end of May.
  3. Hopefully, the university shall open on Monday 1st June 2020.
  4. There shall be a three-week period (tentatively from June 1 to June 19), in which the teachers shall revise the topics covered through online teaching.
  5. Tentative start date of final exams of spring 2020 semester is 22nd June.
  6. The distribution of marks among various evaluations shall be re-visited by the teachers.
  7. Those students who have genuine problem in continuing with online classes shall be given the option to drop the entire semester, under the following conditions:
    1. Application must be submitted on a prescribed form, signed by both the student and his/her guardian. (In case a student cannot print this form, he/she can reproduce that form in his/her handwriting).
    2. A valid reason must be stated.
    3. There shall be a declaration that the student understands that such an act may lead to delay in his/her graduation by a year.
    4. All courses registered in spring semester shall be dropped.
    5. The already paid fee shall be adjusted against course registrations in future semesters.
    6. Semester Freeze fee shall not be charged.
    7. Student’s request to drop the spring 2020 semester shall not be implemented until the start of final exams of spring 2020 semester.
  8. During the months of April and May, the teachers shall keep their students engaged through homework, projects or assignments.
  9. Attendance requirements shall be relaxed for the spring-2020 semester. Students shall not be barred from taking the final examination, for not attending online classes.