Seminar on depression awareness by Buddy Support System

 Happening date 29-Mar-2019
 Posted date 29-Mar-2019

SOEAS is conducting seminar on depression awareness by Buddy Support System on 29-Mar-2019 at Islamabad campus. The timings of the seminar will be 10 am to 1 pm. SOEAS is the platform to instigate about the unforeseen and bygone issues that are sprouting in the society as the homicide of ethical norms and even a person himself. SOEAS have already taken initiative by instigating the issue of Depression, Discrimination and Plastic Free Movement, in Pakistan. It seeks to cover Pakistan initially and taking the forum up and beyond to the outreach of Pakistan.

Founder of SOEAS is Usman Chaudhry, assistant professor at FAST-NUCES, School of Management. The team of SOEAS who have initially taken initiative incorporates BBA, batch 2015, aiming to expand the members who can stand for the rights. At SOEAS the team support the moral cause of eradicating social and ethical muddles, by speaking out for them and reaching to the authoritative levels through which those problems can be highlighted by gradual decimation.

We live in a difficult world, now. The pressures of hiding our internal struggles, fearing rejection for who we are is further bogging us down. We chose “Buddy Support System” because we think that it is very important to create awareness about these things so that people get to know that they are not alone and someone is putting an effort to make them feel good.