Master of Science (Civil Engineering)

Program Info (  Eligibility Criteria  )

The objective of this program is to produce civil engineers with essential knowledgebase and training required for understanding of advanced concepts, which are required for undertaking of complicated real problems. The master’s program allows two options to the students i.e. Masters with thesis/project. Masters with thesis is designed for students who wish to study a particular research area in greater depth. Masters with project is designed for people with a bachelor's degree in engineering (or related field), who want to enter or return to professional practice.

Award of Degree

For the award of MS degree, a student must have

  • Passed courses totaling at least 30 credit hours, including all those courses which have been specified as Core courses
  • Obtained a CGPA of at least 2.5
Tentative Study Plan
Sr. No Course Name Crdt Hrs.
Semester 1
1 Core Course-I 3+0
2 Core Course-II 3+0
3 Research Methodology 3+0
Sr. No Course Name Crdt Hrs.
Semester 2
1 Core Course-III 3+0
2 Elective-I 3+0
3 Elective-II 3+0
Sr. No Course Name Crdt Hrs.
Semester 3
1 Elective-III 3+0
2 MS Thesis-I/Ms Thesis-II/Elective-IV 0+3
Sr. No Course Name Crdt Hrs.
Semester 4
1 Elective-V 3+0
2 MS Thesis-II/MS Project-II/Elective-VI 0+3

Note 1: Applied Programming course is of No Credit (NC), but it must be passed.

Note 2: Registration in “MS Thesis - I” is allowed provided the student has:

  • Earned at least 15 credits
  • Passed the “Research Methodology” course
  • CGPA is equal to or more than 2.5