Bachelor of Science (Accounting and Finance)

Program Info

Accounting & Finance are the most significant and critical areas in the system of free enterprise. Good financial management is, therefore, vitally important to the economic health of business organizations. However, the constant shifts in economic conditions, intense competition for financial resources and questionable business practices have made financial management a complex and challenging undertaking. The BS Accounting & Finance program is designed to prepare students to meet the challenges posed by this complex but exciting area that has assumed much greater importance in the wake of the recent financial crisis in the world. This crisis has taught us that prudent financial management could mean the difference between a successful and an unsuccessful business enterprise. BS Accounting & Finance is tailored to first impart a broad-based education in the fundamentals of business and management and then develop the quantitative and analytical skills necessary to become prudent, astute and ethical financial managers.

Career Opportunities

There are a number of pathways to choose from including audit, taxation, budget analysis, financial accounting and management accounting.

Degree Requirements

For the award of BS (Accounting & Finance) degree, a student must have:

  • Passed courses totaling at least 131 credit hours, including all those courses which have been specified as Core courses
  • Obtained a CGPA of at least 2.00

Offered Campuses

Chiniot-Faisalabad Islamabad Karachi Lahore Peshawar


  • At least 60% marks in SSC (Matric) or an equivalent examination (such as O-levels) AND
  • Should have studied for HSSC or an equivalent qualification, for at least two years AND
  • At least 50% marks in HSSC or an equivalent qualification

Selection Criteria:

  • 50% weight to marks obtained in Admission Test AND
  • 10% weight to higher percent score of SSC (or an equivalent exam) AND
  • 40% weight to higher percent score of HSSC (or an equivalent exam)
  • Weightage of HSSC marks shall be calculated based on (which ever is applicable) at the time of compilation of merit list
    • HSSC part I and II OR
    • HSSC part I if HSSC part II not available OR
    • IBCC equivalence of A-level OR
    • IBCC equivalence of O-level
Candidates having taken NTS-NAT exam

  • Cut-off marks in the NTS-NAT IE, NAT ICS, NAT-ICOM or NAT-IGS exam to be determined by the University
Tentative Study Plan
Sr. No Course Name Crdt Hrs.
Semester 1
1 IT in Business 2+1
2 Fundamentals of Accounting 3+0
3 Business Math – I 3+0
4 Fundamentals of Management 3+0
5 English – I 3+1
Sr. No Course Name Crdt Hrs.
Semester 2
1 Financial Accounting 3+1
2 Business Statistics 3+0
3 Islamic Studies/Ethics 3+0
4 Marketing Management 3+0
5 English – II 3+1
Sr. No Course Name Crdt Hrs.
Semester 3
1 Micro Economics 3+0
2 Corporate Accounting – I 3+0
3 Psychology/Sociology 3+0
4 Statistical Inference 3+1
5 Business Communication–I 3+0
Sr. No Course Name Crdt Hrs.
Semester 4
1 Cost & Management Accounting 3+0
2 Business Finance 3+0
3 Corporate Accounting – II 3+0
4 Business Math – II 3+0
5 Macro Economics 3+0
Sr. No Course Name Crdt Hrs.
Semester 5
1 Business Law 3+0
2 Financial Management 3+1
3 Basic Econometrics 3+1
4 Accounting for Decision Making 3+0
5 Management Information Systems 3+1
Sr. No Course Name Crdt Hrs.
Semester 6
1 Financial Institutions & Markets 3+0
2 Methods in Business Research 3+1
3 Financial Statement Analysis 3+0
4 MG/AF/BA Elective–I 3+0
5 Business Communication–II 3+0
Sr. No Course Name Crdt Hrs.
Semester 7
1 Pakistan Studies 3+0
2 Investment Analysis & Management 3+0
3 Audit & Assurance 3+0
4 Final Year Project – I 0+3
5 Business Strategy 3+0
6 MG/AF/BA Elective–II 3+0
Sr. No Course Name Crdt Hrs.
Semester 8
1 Business Ethics 3+0
2 Financial Risk Management 3+0
3 Final Year Project– II 0+3
4 Taxation 3+0
5 MG/AF/BA Elective–III 3+0

Note: Registration in “Final Year Project-I” is allowed provided the student has earned at least 98 credit hours, and his/her CGPA is equal to or greater than the graduating CGPA (2.0).