Bachelor of Business Administration

Program Info

The 4-years BBA program serves the need of those who are looking for a career in management profession or towards higher education in business administration. Being a program with challenging curricula and contents, it is appropriate for those who have excellent academic record and high potential for success.

The BBA degree promises the graduates higher level employability at the entry level of management profession by helping them excel in professional and personal development. The program offers a rich blend of general education; general management skills like communication, decision-making, leadership, teamwork and quantitative methods. It also aims to sensitize the graduates about their social and environmental responsibility.

Learning Outcomes

BBA graduates are expected to communicate effectively and professionally and to demonstrate the ability to create written and oral statements for diverse audience across the world. Demonstrate the ability to identify and evaluate relevant information for decision making and make use of thinking skills to assess the information and solve problems in uncertain environments. Understand the importance of team work and group dynamics in achieving organizational goals and demonstrated ability to work effectively in teams. Understand various leadership styles and demonstrated ability in exercising these styles according to the requirement of the situation. Demonstrate effectively practicing of overall functional business knowledge and ability to identify and interpret essential business concepts, principles and skills. Identify core organizational values and understand the issues of ethical and social diversity and demonstrate the ability to propose feasible solutions to these issues.

Understand computer-based information systems and able to use computing tools and infrastructures to apply and interpret functional business knowledge.

Degree Requirements

For the award of BBA degree, a student must have:

  • Passed courses totalling at least 130 credit hours, including all those courses which have been specified as Core courses.
  • Obtained a CGPA of at least 2.00

Offered Campuses

Chiniot-Faisalabad Islamabad Karachi Lahore Peshawar


  • At least 60% marks in SSC (Matric) or an equivalent examination (such as O-levels) AND
  • Should have studied for HSSC or an equivalent qualification, for at least two years AND
  • At least 50% marks in HSSC or an equivalent qualification

Selection Criteria:

  • 50% weight to marks obtained in Admission Test AND
  • 10% weight to higher percent score of SSC (or an equivalent exam) AND
  • 40% weight to higher percent score of HSSC (or an equivalent exam)
  • Weightage of HSSC marks shall be calculated based on (which ever is applicable) at the time of compilation of merit list
    • HSSC part I and II OR
    • HSSC part I if HSSC part II not available OR
    • IBCC equivalence of A-level OR
    • IBCC equivalence of O-level
Candidates having taken NTS-NAT exam

  • Cut-off marks in the NTS-NAT IE, NAT ICS, NAT-ICOM or NAT-IGS exam to be determined by the University
Tentative Study Plan
Sr. No Course Name Crdt Hrs.
Semester 1
1 CS1001 IT in Business 2+1
2 AF1001 Fundamentals of Accounting 3+0
3 MT1002 Business Math – I 3+0
4 MG1001 Fundamentals of Management 3+0
5 SS1016 English – I 2+1
6 SS1007 Islamic Studies/Ethics 2+0
Total 15 + 2
Sr. No Course Name Crdt Hrs.
Semester 2
1 AF1002 Financial Accounting 3+1
2 MG2008 Data Analysis for Business I 3+0
3 MG1002 Marketing Management 3+0
4 SS2019/SS2018 Psychology/Sociology 3+0
5 SS1006 English – II 3+1
6 SS1013 Constitution and Ideology of Pakistan 2+0
Total 17 + 2
Sr. No Course Name Crdt Hrs.
Semester 3
1 SS2002 Microeconomics 3+0
2 SS2041 Critical Thinking 2+0
3 AF2003 Management Accounting 3+0
4 MG2009 Data Analysis for Business II 3+1
5 MG2001 Organizational Behaviour 3+0
6 SS2042 Community Service 2+0
Total 16 + 1
Sr. No Course Name Crdt Hrs.
Semester 4
1 AF2004 Business Finance 3+0
2 MG3015 Environmental Science and Sustainability for Business 3+0
3 MT2004 Business Math – II 3+0
4 SS2006 Macroeconomics 3+0
5 MG2010 Business Communication 3+0
Total 15 + 0
Sr. No Course Name Crdt Hrs.
Semester 5
1 MG2003 Consumer Behaviour 3+0
2 AF3001 Financial Management 3+1
3 MG3006 Operations Management 3+0
4 MG3004 Human Resource Management 3+0
5 MG3014 Advanced Business Communication 3+0
Total 15 + 1
Sr. No Course Name Crdt Hrs.
Semester 6
1 CS3003 Management Information Systems 3+1
2 AF3003 Financial Institutions and Markets 3+0
3 MG3XXX Digital Marketing 3+0
4 MG3010 Methods in Business Research 3+1
5 MG/AF/BA/CSxxxx MG/AF/BA/CS Elective – I 3+0
Total 15 + 2
Sr. No Course Name Crdt Hrs.
Semester 7
1 MG4052 Internship 3+0
2 MG3002 Business Law 3+0
3 MG4091 Final Year Project - I 0+3
4 MG/AF/BA/CSxxxx MG/AF/BA/CS Elective – II 3+0
5 MG/AF/BA/CSxxxx MG/AF/BA/CS Elective – III 3+0
Total 12 + 3
Sr. No Course Name Crdt Hrs.
Semester 8
1 MG4003 Strategic Management 3+0
2 MG4011 Entrepreneurship 3+0
3 MG4092 Final Year Project – II 0+3
4 MG/AF/BA/CSxxxx MG/AF/BA/CS Elective – IV 3+0
5 MG/AF/BA/CSxxxx MG/AF/BA/CS Elective – V 3+0
Total 12 + 3
Domain Cr. Hrs
General Education 30
Disciplinary Major 79
Interdisciplinary 12
Field Experience 3
Capstone Project 6
Total 130

Note 1: Total: 130

Note 2: Registration in “Final Year Project-I” is allowed provided the student has earned at least 100 credit hours, and his/her CGPA is equal to or greater than the graduating CGPA (2.0).