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FAST NUCES Karachi-Video Surveillance Lab’s Remarkable Achievement-ICIP 2020

 Posted date 30-Jul-2020

Research Associate at FAST NUCES, Karachi, Ms. Yumna Zahid’s research paper has been accepted by ICIP 2020-IEEE International Conference on Image Processing. The title of the research paper is “Ensemble Learning using Bagging and Inception-v3 for Anomaly Detection in Surveillance Videos”. The paper will be presented in the conference scheduled on 27th October, 2020. The research work proves to be a milestone achieved by the Video Surveillance Lab as part of the ongoing research into smart, scalable, and robust solutions for the national interests. The research provides insight into how ensemble models together with state-of-the-art feature learning Convolutional Neural Network can augment the accuracy of the baseline classification model.