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SCO Member States Youth Innovation & Entrepreneurship Contest - 2018

 Posted date 04-Oct-2017

1. Ministry of Science and Technology of China and Chinese Scientific & Technological Enterprises is organizing a contest ​for SCO countries (including Pakistan)​ which will be held in 2018. ​FAST NU is amongst those Pakistani universities that have been invited to submit proposals under following themes:-​ Themes: 1) Information Technology 2) Cyber Security 3) Smart Monitoring 4) Cross border e-commerce 5) Satellite Application The selected teams will be contesting in Beijing in 2018. 2. The TORs with template of Business Proposal, Registration Page and Registration Form are attached for your guidance. All campuses are requested to widely circulate. 3. Important Web Links For Information For Registration 4. To ensure timely submittal to the concerned stakeholders at Pakistan Science Foundation, You are requested to submit Proposals of your Faculty members / Students (in HARD & SOFT forms) as per given requirements / pre-requisites latest by November 13, 2017 please. 5. Schedule of the Contest(Important Dates): Registration, Proposal Submission: Dec 1st, 2017 Submittal of Supporting/Additional documents and Q&A: Dec 31st, 2017 Online Preliminary Contest: 1st Quarter of 2018 BEIJING FINAL CONTEST: 2nd Quarter of 2018