Code of Conduct

In order to achieve these goals all students are obliged to strictly follow the Code of Conduct laid down below:

  1. Students should refrain from conduct that might damage the reputation of the University, any conduct that may lead to the disruption of any academic program of the Campus.
  2. Students will show tolerance, understanding and respect for the rights of others. In case of any misunderstanding with peers or University management, etc, discussions and exchange of views within the frame work of decency and decorum would be the desirable course to follow. Threatening behaviour to fellow students, faculty, staff or the University as an institution could cause irrevocable dismissal form the University.
  3. Students will be respectful to members of the opposite gender and will refrain from any behaviour that can be interpreted by others as ‘gender harassment’.
  4. Students are strictly reminded that gender mixing is permissible only within the accepted social and cultural norms of the society. Faculty tolerance should not be construed as an approval to undue intimacy and unacceptable proximity, openly or in isolated areas.
  5. It is the responsibility of all to keep the Campus environment clean and tidy. Therefore, no littering or trash should be carelessly thrown or left on the Campus premises. The designated waste boxes should be used for the purpose.
  6. The students are advised to refrain from any damage to the university fixtures/furniture including Venetian blinds, scribbling/carving on desks, writing on walls, misusing lab equipment, etc.
  7. The Campus is a no-smoking area, and at no time in any premises of the Campus smoking is allowed.
  8. Students are advised to switch off mobiles in class rooms, examination halls, labs and library so as not to disrupt the calm of the said rooms.
  9. Students are advised to strictly follow the code of conduct on the field and off the field while taking part in sports and other extra-curricular activities. Students are expected to exhibit exemplary behaviour, especially while representing the University in an activity/competition.
  10. Matters of indiscipline would be referred to the Discipline Committee, which is authorized to reprimand or check any indiscipline in any way it deems appropriate. Parents of students who disobey authority and violate the code of conduct will be called to the university.
  11. Students must refrain from cheating, plagiarism, lying, stealing, and gender harassment in any setting of the Campus.
  12. Students are required to follow campus IT usage policy, which forbids them from sending and receiving offensive and indecent emails, possession of non-academic materials on their assigned folders, forging or hiding identity, and misuse of IT resources and Internet for any non-academic activity.

Dress Code (for Students, Faculty and Staff)

You are expected to dress keeping in view the local cultural values and norms. The dress should not have any script or image, which appears to be indecent or provocative. Dress should not be see-through. Wearing shorts or sleeveless shirts is not allowed.

Females should not wear short length shirts. They should avoid wearing too much makeup and jewellery.