Funded Projects

Project Title Pricipal Investigator Co-Pricipal Investigator Start Date End Date Funding Agency Amount (Million)
Nvidia Corporation funded CUDA Teaching Centre Dr. Jawwad Ahmed Shamsi Nill 01-Aug-17 01-Jan-00 Nvidia Corporation, USA Rs. 3.48
Developing Efficient Communication Infrastructure for Large-Scale IoT Devices in a Smart City Dr. Jawwad Ahmed Shamsi Dr. Jamshed Memon 07-Jul-17 19-Dec-20 HEC (NRPU) Rs. 5.39
Smart Electricity Cloud for Efficient Utilization of Distribution Renewable Sources using Internet of Things Dr. Farooque Hassan Kumbhar Nill 19-Dec-17 31-Dec-19 HEC (Startup Research Grant) Rs. 0.48
Establishment of affiliated lab of "NATIONAL CENTER FOR BIG DATA AND CLOUD COMPUTING (NCBC) Dr. Muhammad Atif Tahir Dr. Nouman Durrani 04-Jul-17 01-Jan-00 HEC Rs. 39.1
Efficient Infrastructure for Large Scale Communication of IoT devices in a smart city Dr. Jawad A. Shamsi 04-Jul-17 01-Jan-00 HEC (NRPU) Rs. 5.63
Automated Generation and Conformance Testing of Mobile Application Variants Dr. Muhammad Uzair Khan Dr. Zohaib Zafar Iqbal 01-Apr-17 31-Mar-19 IGNITE ( ICT R&D) Rs. 26.50
UAV Dependability Lab Dr. Zohaib Zafar Iqbal Atif Aftab Ahmed Jilani &   Muhammad Usman (Co-PI) 01-Jun-18 31-May-21 HEC Rs 74.31
Establishment of National Center in Big Data & Cloud Computing (NCBC) - Precision Medicine Lab Dr. Hammad Naveed Dr. Sibt ul Hussain 01-Jun-18 31-May-21 HEC Rs. 34.91
A Non- Functional requirements prioritisation Model for Agile Software Development Method using Fuzzy Analytical Network Process Prof. Siti Salwah Salim Dr. Irum Inayat 01-Aug-16 31-Aug-18 Fundamental Research Grant Scheme Rs. 2.37
Design and Implementation of an Autonomous Multi-Unmanned Air Vehicle (UAV) System Using a Hardware-In-The-Loop (HIL) Real-Time Platform for Disaster Management and Precision Farming Applications Dr. Muhammad Gufran Khan Dr. Syed Ali Mohsin 01-Feb-18 01-Feb-21 HEC Rs. 4.1
Analysis , design and implemantration of an end-to-end 400 km QKD link Marina Mondin Dr. Inam Bari 09-May-18 08-May-20 NATO SPS Programme (Science for Peace) € 0.33
Low cost Seismic Monitoring Network Dr. Omar Usman Khan Dr. Khan Shahzada 04-Apr-17 01-Jan-00 HEC (NRPU) Rs. 2.82
Internet of Things (IoT) Security Lab Dr. Ghalib Asadullah Shah  Dr. Haroon Mahmood 01-Jan-00 01-Jan-00 HEC Rs. 92