Funded Projects

Project Title Pricipal Investigator Co-Pricipal Investigator Start Date End Date Funding Agency Amount (Million)
Nvidia Corporation funded CUDA Teaching Centre Dr. Jawwad Ahmed Shamsi Nill Aug 01, 17 Jan 01, 19 Nvidia Corporation, USA Rs. 3.48
Developing Efficient Communication Infrastructure for Large-Scale IoT Devices in a Smart City Dr. Jawwad Ahmed Shamsi Dr. Jamshed Memon Feb 01, 18 Jan 01, 21 HEC (NRPU) Rs. 5.638
Smart Electricity Cloud for Efficient Utilization of Distribution Renewable Sources using Internet of Things Dr. Farooque Hassan Kumbhar Jan 01, 18 Dec 01, 18 HEC (Startup Research Grant) Rs. 0.487
Video Surveillance Lab, (NCBC) Dr. Muhammad Atif Tahir Dr. Nouman Durrani Jul 01, 17 Jun 01, 21 HEC Rs. 39.287
An Approach for Automated Generation and Conformance Testing of Mobile Applications (AGCT-Mobile App) Dr. Muhammad Uzair Khan Dr. Zohaib Zafar Iqbal Apr 01, 17 Mar 31, 19 IGNITE ( ICT R&D) Rs. 26.508
UAV Dependability Lab, (NCRA) Dr. Zohaib Zafar Iqbal Atif Aftab Ahmed Jilani &   Muhammad Usman Jan 01, 18 May 31, 21 HEC Rs 82.196
Precision Medicine Lab- National Center in Big Data & Cloud Computing (NCBC) Dr. Hammad Naveed Dr. Sibt ul Hussain Jun 01, 18 May 31, 21 HEC Rs. 31.460
A Non- Functional requirements prioritisation Model for Agile Software Development Method using Fuzzy Analytical Network Process Prof. Siti Salwah Salim Dr. Irum Inayat Aug 01, 16 Aug 31, 18 Fundamental Research Grant Scheme Rs. 2.37
Design and Implementation of an Autonomous Multi-Unmanned Air Vehicle (UAV) System Using a Hardware-In-The-Loop (HIL) Real-Time Platform for Disaster Management and Precision Farming Applications Dr. Muhammad Gufran Khan Dr. Syed Ali Mohsin Feb 01, 18 Jan 01, 21 HEC (NRPU) Rs. 4.189
Analysis , design and implemantration of an end-to-end 400 km QKD link Dr. Omar Usman May 09, 18 May 08, 20 NATO SPS Programme (Science for Peace) Rs. 7.000
Low cost Seismic Monitoring Network Dr. Omar Usman Khan Dr. Khan Shahzada Jun 01, 17 May 01, 19 HEC (NRPU) Rs. 2.824
Automatic Weapon Detection in Real-time Videos for Identification of Potential Terrorists and Robbers Dr. Muhammad Gufran Khan Nov 01, 18 Oct 01, 20 HEC (TDF) Rs. 2.498
Active Learning in Engineering Education Carlos Vaz, Hariklia Tsalapata (Malysia) Dr. Irum Inayat Sep 17, 17 Oct 30, 20 European Commission 12.000
A Non- Functional requirements prioritisation Model for Agile Software Development Method using Fuzzy Analytical Network Process Dr. Siti Salwah (Malaysia) Dr. Irum Inayat Aug 01, 17 Oct 02, 19 Fundamental Resarch Grant Scheme Rs. 2.400
The Management Advancement and Planning Study (MAPS), HEC Pakistan Dr. Sadia Nadeem Nill Aug 01, 16 Sep 01, 18 HEC (NRPU) Rs. 1.870
Implementation of a multi device Multi-technology cloud performance evaluation and customization for commercial applications Dr. Ataul Aziz Dr. Zia Feb 01, 19 Aug 01, 19 HEC (NRPU) Rs. 3.201
Impact of Business Education on personal and professional values of business graduates: A longitudinal examination Dr. Muhammad Abbas Apr 01, 17 Apr 01, 20 HEC (NRPU) Rs. 1.832
NESCOM Research and Academia Collaboration Dr. Irum Inayat Aug 01, 17 Oct 01, 19 NESCOM (RAC) Rs. 0.8
Design & Development of Mobile Learnersouring Framework for Linked Knowledge Engineering Dr. Amna Basharat Dr. Waseem Shahzad Sep 01, 17 Mar 01, 19 HEC (Startup Research Grant) Rs. 0.393
Lightening up Minds & School with solar energy Dr. Irtaza Syed Jul 01, 18 Sep 01, 18 HEC Rs. 1.000
Understanding the impact of Chinese top management teams on Pakistani workforce Dr. Sadia Nadeem Jul 01, 18 Dec 01, 19 HEC (NRPU) Rs. 1.591
Automatic Speech Recognition System Dr. Muhammad Tariq Khan Aug 01, 18 Jul 01, 19 NRTC (UIL) Rs. 2.000
Finding Abnormalities in the Gastro-Intestinal Tract Using Deep Learning and Capsule Endoscopy Dr. Muhammad Atif Tahir Feb 01, 19 Feb 01, 21 HEC (NRPU) Rs. 3.426
End-to-end system –level simulation for an AESA radar Dr. Shahzad Saleem Dec 01, 18 Dec 01, 19 Aviation Design Institute, Pakistan Aeronautical Complex, Kamra Rs. 0.79
Next Generation Internet services lab Dr. Adnan Apr 08, 19 Apr 08, 20 NxENTER company US $ 0.011
Intelligent mobility for people with visual disabilities Dr. Kifayat Ullah Khan Jan 15, 19 Jan 15, 20 Islamic University of Madinah , Saudi Arabia SAR 0.129
Vector-borne infectious Diseases Surveillance and Response System using Earth Observation Data Dr. Shahzad Sarfraz Jan 01, 19 Jan 01, 21 Rs. 4.871
Durable and cost –effective fan dimmer with no Humming sound and effect of Ups Dr. Ataul Aziz May 01, 19 Apr 01, 21 HEC (TDF) Rs. 2.360