Participation in International Conferences / Workshops / Seminars

Event Title Date Venue
Workshop Structural Equation Modeling 29-31 Aug, 2014 IMS, Peshawar
Video Conference​ Academic Integrity and Plagiarism, Resource Person:Ms. Randa Al Chidiac, Executive Director, Library, Holy Spirit University of Kaslik (USEK), Lebanon. 27 Aug, 2014 NUCES, Islamabad​​
​Workshop​​ ​Methodology of Conducting and Elaborating Upon Interpretations of Advance Quantitative Research Techniques Using SPSS 21-22 May, 2014​​​ IST, Islamabad
​Meeting ​8th QEC Meeting of W Category University 08-09 May, 2014​​​ HEC, Lahore
​​Workshop​​ ​Complex Engineering Problem Solving/Activities ​24 Apr, 2014​​​​​ PEC HQ, Islamabad​​​
​Workshop​​ ​The Outcome Based Assessment of Accreditation and Education 28 Feb, 2014​​​​​​ ​PEC HQ, Islamabad​​​
​​Video Conference​ ​Developing Personal Development Plans by Dr. GoharWajid, 10 Feb, 2014​​ HEC, Islamabad​​
​Conference NBEAC/HEC​ Deans and Director Conference ​27-28 Jan, 2014​​​​ ​Islamabad​
​Workshop ​Quality Assurance in Education 29 Nov, 2013​ Islamabad​​​
​Video Conference​ ​Kirk Patrick Model for Evaluating Trainings in Higher Education, Resource Person: Dr Abdul Wahid Usmani ​06 Sep, 13​​ NUCES, Islamabad​
​Video Conference​ Writing Effective Self-Assessment Report 08 July, 2013 NUCES, Islamabad
​Video Conference​ ​Workshop on Strengthening Programs’ Self-Assessment by Prof Colin Perus 23 May, 2013​​ HEC, Islamabad
Workshop​​ ​Programs’ Self-Assessment” 16 Apr, 2013 NUCES, Islamabad​​
Conference​​ 13th International Convention on Quality Improvement (ICQI-2014) 17-18 Nov, 2014 Lahore​​