MS (Data Science)

Program Info

This program equips students to transform data into actionable insights that enable one to make complex business decisions. Students will able to process large and complex data sets through computational, statistical, and machine learning techniques. This program will provide exposure to the latest trends and technologies in this field. Thus, producing the man power to fuel national and international emerging market of data science products.

Registration in “MS Thesis/Project– I” is allowed provided the student has:

Offered Campuses

Chiniot-Faisalabad Islamabad Karachi Lahore Peshawar


  • Degree in relevant subject of Science or Engineering, earned from a recognized university after 16 years of education AND
  • At least 60% marks or CGPA of at least 2.0(on a scale of 4.0).

Selection Criteria:

  • Past Academic Record (Bachelor): 40%
  • Performance in NU MS Admission Test: 60%

Typical course load in a semester is four courses. However, NUCES staff cannot register for more than two courses in a semester. In the second semester, a student has the option to pursue MS by undertaking either a 6 credit hour MS Thesis or Project, spread over two regular semesters.

Tentative Study Plan
Sr. No Course Name Crdt Hrs.
Semester 1
1 Applied Programming NC
2 Core Course–I 3
3 Core Course–II 3
4 General Elective-I 3
Sr. No Course Name Crdt Hrs.
Semester 2
1 Core Course–III 3
2 Core Course–IV 3
3 Elective-I 3
4 Research Methodology 1
Sr. No Course Name Crdt Hrs.
Semester 3
1 MS Thesis-I/ MS Project-I 3
2 General Elective-II 3
Sr. No Course Name Crdt Hrs.
Semester 4
1 Thesis-II/ MS Project-II 3
2 Elective-II 3

  • Earned at least 16 credits
  • Passed the “Research Methodology” course
  • CGPA is equal to or more than 2.5

Core Courses for MS (Data Science)

At least four courses must be taken from the following

  • CS5xx  Introduction to Data science: Tools and Techniques
  • CS5xx  Big Data Analytics / Mining Massive Datasets
  • CS5xx  Statistical and mathematical methods for data science
  • CS5xx  Machine Learning for Data Science

Elective Courses for MS (Data Science)

At least four courses must be taken from the following

  • CS553  Applied Image Processing
  • CS535  Natural language processing
  • CS579  Cloud computing
  • CS559  High performance computing
  • CS5xx  Deep Learning
  • CS5xx  Scientific Computing in Finance
  • CS5xx  Social network analysise
  • CS5xx  Advanced Computer Vision
  • CS5xx  Data Visualization
  • CS5xx  Bayesian Data Analysis
  • CS5xx  Languages in Text Mining
  • CS5xx  Probabilistic Graphical Models
  • CS5xx  Bioinformatics
  • CS5xx  Time series prediction
  • CS5xx  Distributed Machine Learning in Apache Spark