A talk on "Destiny by Design" by Youth Studio at FAST-NU LHR Campus

 Happening date 04-Feb-2016
 Posted date 15-Feb-2016

Youth Studio, in collaboration with NUCES FAST National University, conducted a motivational talk titled “Destiny by Design” on February 4th, 2016. Ibrahim Siawash, a certified trainer and life coach, inspired the audience with the theme of his upcoming book, “DESPARK”, an acronym for 7 principles of finding success and fulfillment. Speaking on the occasion, Ibrahim shared his personal journey of overcoming adversity and discussed his passionate belief that every person has the strength and power within them to fight and triumph over the hurdles in their life. A large audience of students along with special guests Dr. Syed Amjad Hussain Shah, Director Lahore Campus; Mr. Zulfiqar Ali, Assistant Professor/ Advisor NMG, Ms. Hajra Ikram, Lecturer/Co-Advisor, Mr. Bilal Qaiser, Academic Officer, and Mr. Fasih Ullah, the Vice President NMG, attended the energetic motivational talk.