Workshop on COMSOL Multiphyscis by ICE-NUCES Student Chapter

 Happening date 10-Mar-2015
 Posted date 09-Apr-2015

ICE NUCES Student Chapter, for the educational development of Pakistan’s future civil engineers organized another workshop. This initiative focused on teaching the basics of ‘COMSOL-Multi-Physics’ to the students. The program was conducted on 10th March 2015. Dr. Muazzam Ghous, one of our faculty members and also the student advisor, was requested to present to the budding scholars. He has a PhD from a renowned university of Toulouse from France and is very knowledgeable. He taught various aspects of the software to the students mainly focusing on the operations and functions related to the ‘physics’ aspect of the software. The different operations were explained briefly and the modules were also explained briefly and precisely. The students in their senior year benefitted greatly from this course.

A closing ceremony was held. Dr. Moazzam Ghous, student advisor and also a faculty member, was presented a memento. Dr. Moazzam also shared his views with the audience and wished ICE NUCES good luck with their upcoming programs and encouraged the students to continue to participate actively in such student development initiatives.

ICE NUCES is not only focusing on technical events but also on events which directly educate the students. ICE NUCES aspires to launch initiatives which help bring forth the civil engineering potential in the budding scholars.