FAST-NU Karachi Campus students develop new gaming APPS

 Happening date 28-Oct-2014
 Posted date 24-Nov-2014

FAST-NU has never ceased to produce prospect young computer scientists and software developers since its inception. The students of Karachi campus have thrived in developing two games including Binary Fall and Tap256.

Binary Fall was developed by FAST-NU’s Syed Mamoon Burney, Omer Farooq and their friend from NED, Ammar Hassan. The team developed the game in their summer break. The game is about precision tapping and sharpness of the mind.

The second game Tap 256 was developed by a very brilliant and talented group of Batch 11 students named “Programmers’11”, assited by a developer Jarri Abidi. This game is a very captivating and interesting variant of piano tiles. Programmers’11 also have several other products in the market. Both apps are available for free at Google Play Store.