Happening date 10-Nov-2014
 Posted date 10-Nov-2014

On the 1ST of November ICE NUCES inaugurated yet another successful event; the much awaited and acclaimed ‘Wooden Bridge Design Competition’. The purpose of the event was highlighted in its very objective ‘To Foster and Promote the Art of Civil Engineering’. This is in accordance with the very motto of ICE NUCES ‘Promote and Develop’. The event succeeded to introduce to the young and budding scholars of the recent batch of civil engineering, the basics of civil engineering and the creativity which it yields. The feedback was overwhelming and teams from other than the civil engineering department registered as well. The event consisted of making a wooden bridge by the material provided of ice-cream sticks, glue, cutter and scale. All in all ICE NUCES student chapter yet again succeeded in initiating a successful event and in establishing the fact that with responsible leadership and creativity wonders can be worked. Moreover the event was visited by MR. SOHAIL KIBRIA (GM GEO TECH DIVISION NESPAK). He appreciation was glorious in regard for ICE-NUCES Student Chapter.