Microsoft Developer Network recognizes FAST-NU’s work

 Happening date 03-Feb-2014
 Posted date 08-Mar-2014

It is indeed a great achievement that Microsoft Developer Network (MSDN) has recognized the hard work and efforts of FAST-NU in its blog on Lab of Things (LoT) project.

In a blog by the Microsoft Research Connections Team, they underlined that the LoT was a flexible platform for conducting experimental research using connected devices in homes and beyond. Since LoT’s beta released in July 2013, they have made a lot of progress on two fronts. “First, we’ve been busily extending and perfecting various features of LoT; second, we’ve been working closely with academic partners to help them adopt and deploy LoT for their research,” the blog said.

Right from the inception of the project, we have been working closely with our academic collaborators to understand better the needs of such a platform. They further stated, “Professor Affan Syed and his students at FAST-NUCES, Pakistan, are using the Lab of Things to develop a system to optimize and control the use of electrical power in homes to help address the acute shortage of energy in their country. The team is busy scaling up the project to deploy in a large number of homes with the goal to understand energy usage and optimization goals in a wider cross section of society. Not only for research projects,the ‘Lab of Things’ is also being used for teaching.”

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