Microsoft, world's leading company, hired FAST-NU students

 Happening date 25-Jan-2014
 Posted date 10-Feb-2014

State-of-the-art education, technical training, devotion of experienced and qualified faculty and hard work have made the Microsoft dream come true for two Computer Science graduates of FAST-NU Lahore campus. We are delighted to announce that Syed Dilawar Ali Rizvi and Abdullah Zaib Mirza of Batch 2009 have recently been hired by Microsoft, world's leading company, as Software Development Engineers.

The graduates expressed profound gratitude to FAST-NU for their commendable achievements.

They specifically acknowledged that the key factors in their hiring were the sound technical and communications skills they were trained in at the campus. “It is a hiring criterion by Microsoft that candidates must be able to efficiently communicate their ideas as Microsoft expects people to work in a diverse environment. The skills taught to us proved to be quite fruitful and helped us a lot,” they said in their thanksgiving message to the faculty and management of FAST-NU.

“I am writing this letter as a thank you note to provide a token of gratitude to my professors and to the institute which is responsible for the success that I have achieved. I am a CS graduate of batch 2009. I have been hired by Microsoft as a Software Development Engineer. I must say that the road to this destination was not easy but what made this possible to be true is solely the academic training that is provided by FAST-NU,” said Abdullah Zaib Mirza.

“The technicalities which they taught were what made the difference between us and others. My case is no different; I simply did what they had taught me,” said Syed Dilawar Ali Rizvi.

We are indebted to FAST-NU for such an amazing experience. We hope that FASTNU keeps on prospering in the future to come and excel in the prestige that it has maintained all over the globe, they said.