Dr. Zubair Ahmed Shaikh has assumed the charge of Director

 Happening date 01-Jun-2013
 Posted date 01-Jun-2013

Dr. Zubair Shaikh is a profound name in the domain of Computer Science and Information Technology. His countless achievements and incompatible services made him unique and bless with other well-known teachers and scholars of Computer Sciences and Engineering faculty. He has given his 15 professional years to the various departments of IT and praise by the officials due to his strong determination and countless capabilities.

He is a Ph.D and holds a Master s degree in Computer Science and Bachelors degree in the faculty of Engineering. He has pursued his Masters from New York and provide his service as an IT Consultant for Wall Street and other well-known National and international organizations for several years.

It’s an honor and gratitude for the faculty of FAST-NUCES that he assumed the charge of Director. He is currently holding the duties of Associate Dean and HOD of Faculty of Computer Science at FAST National University of Computer & Emerging Sciences. In addition, he previously was involved in the position of Dean and Head Industrial Liaison at Karachi Institute of Information Technology. He formerly was offering his service as a HOD of Computer Science department in spring 2011 when he left FAST and joined the responsibilities of Director of Computer Sciences at DHA-Suffa University. After the successful endeavor, he now continues his assistance at FAST-NUCES from June 2013. We give a warm welcome to our new HOD of CS department and hope that he will take FAST-NUCES to the height of endless achievements with his experience and motivation.