Event Detail

Symposium titled, ‘Pakistan-India Transboundary Water Disputes’ was held at LHR Campus.

 Happening date 29-Apr-2016
 Posted date 05-May-2016

A One Day Symposium titled, ‘Pakistan-India Transboundary Water Disputes’ was held at National University of Computers of Engineering and Computer Sciences at its Lahore Campus, sponsored by its Civil Engineering Department which has recently started a Masters Program in Hydraulics and Water Resources focusing among other things on Transboundary Water Issues particularly with India. The Symposium focused on detailed presentation by Mirza Asif Baig, Pakistan Commissioner on Indus Waters, who explained in great detail to the technical experts gathered from all over the country about the Neutral Expert Decision on Baglihar Dam and the Court of Arbitration Decision on Neelum-Jhelum- Kishenganga case. The presentation was followed by detailed panel discussions by leading experts in the country who opined that Pakistan must remain vigilant on hydropower development by India on River Chenab and River Jhelum which according to Indus Water Treaty belong to Pakistan on which no storage projects are allowed to India

Dr. Mansoor Ahmed Hashmi, Advisor, Civil Engineering Department FAST-NU Lahore Campus, speaking earlier emphasized the use of new technologies of remote sensing and GIS which can be effectively used to monitor violations by India which routinely hides information from Pakistan of its projects.