Event Detail

ICE-NUCES(Lahore) conducted "The welcome batch 15 week", for the fresh batch of BS(CV)

 Happening date 20-Oct-2015
 Posted date 21-Oct-2015

ICE-NUCES conducted "The welcome batch 15 week", for the fresh batch of civil engineering. The purpose to conduct this event was to welcome the freshmen of the Civil Engineering department creating a better understanding among the fresh students about their field and to enhance their enthusiasm.

The week started off with a seminar about civil engineering. It was conducted in civil department. The whole team of ICE-NUCES was present there to welcome the freshmen. Ex-president and the mentor of the chapter Mr. Musa Dar formally welcomed the new batch on behalf of the ICE-NUCES. He gave a brief introduction about Civil Engineering and the ICE-NUCES chapter itself to the students. Latera brief talk about different fields of Civil Engineering was carried out by a senior year student Miss Hania Batool. She also answered the questions of the students regarding their field, the university and ICE itself. Later the students were given a visit to the labs of the department where they were given an introduction o the machines and equipment which they will use later in their studies and the field. The interest of the students was exceedingly overwarming.

A gaming competition was also a part of the welcome week. At ICE-NUCES chapter we believe in 'edutainment' so we make sure that the students never miss the fun part of their learning. This gaming competition was a great source of attraction among the fresh students of not only Civil Engineering department but also from the other departments of the university. Prizes of worth 1000s of rupees were given to the winners of the competition.

The main attraction of the week was the orientation for the new batch. It was carried out in Sayed Rafaqat Ali auditorium. The hall was full with young and fresh faces. The orientation began with an introduction about the ICE-NUCES chapter itself and the team members. The HOD of Civil Department Dr Shahid Ali and many of the other teachers made the environment of the hall way more respectful and full of energy with their mee presence. Later on Mr. HOD delivered a brief speech to the students. He talked about the importance of the societies like ICE-NUCES to polish the skills of the students and to develop them into better Engineers. The welcome batch 15' week is the pioneering step taken by ICE-NUCES to ensure the participation of students in the societies from the beginning. ICE-NUCCES chapter plans to carry out many other such educating events in the future to ensure learning with fun.