Event Detail

Peshawar campus organizes intra-university sports competition

 Happening date 25-Oct-2014
 Posted date 24-Nov-2014

Peshawar campus of FAST-NU organized an intra-university sports competition from October 23 to 30. Matches of variety of games such as cricket, futsal, volleyball, chess, table tennis, tug-of-war, badminton and basketball were arranged during the competition.

Organized by the FAST Sports Society, the event observed participation of approximately 260 students. Teams qualifying the intra-batch competitions competed in the inter-batch competition for the “Sports Week Champions 2014/15” title. Batch 11 clinched the event finals of cricket, tug-of-war, basketball, and chess. Batch 14 outplayed its opponents in the final matches of futsal and volleyball. Batch 12 clinched the badminton single and double titles.

Overall, Batch 11 emerged victorious and Batch 14 as runner-up. The event is going to help us to prepare a brilliant squad for external sporting events.

Students enjoyed the event and appreciated the hard work of organizers and support of campus administration in organization of the event including President Fast Sports Society Sahibzada Farhan Amin and Faculty Adviser Mr. Muhammad Ehtesham.