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LHR Campus arranged 7th International Workshop on Field and Assistive Robotics

 Happening date 18-Oct-2014
 Posted date 10-Nov-2014

An International workshop on field and assistive robotics was held on Oct 17-18, 2014 at FAST-NU Faculty of Computer Science in Lahore. The main focus was to initiate new and exciting areas of research in field and off-road robotics. This workshop was part of a series of similar events regularly being held since 2011. In this conference there were several speakers who were invited from difference famous universities from Pakistan and Germany. Speakers presented their research work related to planning algorithm, biometric robotics, agricultural robotics, robotics in society and other issues that are related to the autonomous robots. Rector of FAST-NU gave an opening speech and then Dr. Yasir Niaz Khan welcomed all faculty members and participants. Prof. Dr. KarstenBernsfrom University of Kaiserslautern presented his research work which was about Robotics in Agriculture.

The workshop poster sessions were held during tea breaks where all researchers pasted their posters related to their research work and described to the participants. All the participants take part to learn the things from researchers. There were also Robot Demonstrations arranged by Dr. Umar Suleman in which different Universities take part into that. There were eight groups from FAST-NU Lahore, COMSATS University Lahore, LUMS and UET Lahore who gave demonstrations of Robots. With cooperation of Dr. Yasir Niaz Khan from FAST-NU Lahore and Prof. Dr. KarstenBerns this conference was great achievement of FAST-NU Lahore. There were 250 participants who registered and came to attend the conference on two days of the workshop. City42 news channel covers the whole conference.

Dr. Syed Atif Mehdi from University of Kaiserslautern Germany presented a framework for Aerial Coverage for flying Robots. M. Mudassir Khan from LUMS presented coverage and path planning of unknown Grid Environments. Dr. Ali Raza from UET Lahore presented Immuno-Inspired Robotic Applications. Dr. Junaid Haroon from LUMS presented Verification of Robotics and Automation of Platform. Dr. Muhammad Awais from LUMS presented Recognition and Tracking of kitchen Activities for Assistive Robotics. Dr. Haider Ali from Germany talked about 3D Rage sensing modules in Robotics. Dr. Abubakar Muhammad from LUMS described about Profiling Canals and Rivers by aerial Robots. Muhammad Tanveer Iqbal, who presented Software In-Loop simulation of Autopilots for Study Level Flight of UAV’s, Dr. YasarAyaz from NUST presented his research work which is about Enhanced RRT for Motion Planning in Complex Environments. Dr. Suleman Mazhar from GIKI University who described about Indigenous solutions for indigenous problems and at the end Dr. Masroor Hussain from GIKI University presented High Performance Computing for Robotics.