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Cultural Night at campus

 Happening date 03-Dec-2013
 Posted date 03-Dec-2013

The main objective behind organizing this event was to promote Urdu language and literature in the youth. Renowned poets consisting Mr. Anwar Masood, Ms. Bushra Farukh, Mr. Aziz Ijaz, Prof. Awais Qarni and Mr. Hammad Hassan recited some of famous collections from their respective poetry.

Mushaira was divided into three segments. In the first segment, all the invited guest poets presented their respective poetry. The chief guest, Anwar Masood, presented his famous comic poetry that enchanted the audience. The second segment of the mushaira was a poetry competition between four teams belonging to Islamia College University Peshawar, University of Peshawar and FAST-NU Peshawar campus. Seasoned poets judged this segment and declared Islamia College University Peshawar team as the winner team. NUCES shield was awarded to Islamia College University Peshawar. In the third segment, students from different universities and colleges recited their own poetry. All the poets praised students for their efforts and strong poetic sense.

Mushaira was followed by the cultural night, an event specially organized to celebrate Pakistani culture and tradition. The students of FAST-NU enthusiastically participated in it and highlighted different cultural aspects of Pakistan. They presented different cultures including but not limited to Pushtoon, Punjabi, Balochi, and Sindhi.

Students, faculty members and visitors appreciated the cultural night saying it highlighted culture, traditions and lifestyle of different parts of Pakistan.