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Workshop on Ethical Hacking

 Happening date 15-Dec-2013
 Posted date 20-Jan-2014

Computer Sciences Department at Lahore campus successfully conducted the first hands-on ethical hacking and penetration testing workshop. The idea of the workshop emerged as part of the new MSCS elective course information-cyber security introduced and taught in the fall 2013 semester. Mr. Farooq Khan, who is currently the Program Manager and Information Security Consultant at En Pointe Technologies in California, specially visited FAST-NU Lahore campus for this workshop.

The focus of the workshop was on vulnerability scanning and exploitation under the umbrella of ethical hacking. A local wireless lab setup was designed and completed using two wireless access points for the workshop, creating a small virtual LAN for various experiments in the seminar hall.

The training also focused on the usage of contemporary tools like Nessus (vulnerability scanner), Metasploit (penetration testing software) and Open-VAS (open vulnerability assessment system) with ample emphasis on ethical or 'white hat' activity and what was 'black hat' activity with plentiful discussion on legal, technical and ethical aspects and consequences. Numerous members from the lab administrative staff also attended the workshop and deemed it updated and useful.