Equivalence of O/A-level Grades

Equivalence of O-level Grades

The below information is only for the guidance purpose. University will accept the certificate from Inter Board Committee of Chairmen (IBCC) for foreign qualification including O/A Level.

To compute equivalent marks for O-level students, add marks of eight subjects (Chemistry, English, Islamiat, Mathematics, Pakistan Studies, Physics, Urdu, and Biology or Computer Studies). The percentage marks corresponding to grade letters is shown in the adjacent table. The marks obtained by the student in these eight subjects are then used to calculate the equivalent matriculation percentage marks.

The equivalent marks are calculated using the following criteria used by the Inter Board Committee of Chairmen (IBCC):

Grade Points
A* 90%
A 85%
B 75%
C 65%
D 55%
E 45%
U 0%

Example: Computing marks equivalent to matriculation.

Subject Grade Total Marks Marks Obtained
1. Chemistry A 100 85
2. English B 100 75
3. Islamiyat D 100 55
4. Mathematics B 100 75
5. Pak. Studies C 100 65
6. Physics B 100 75
7. Urdu B 100 75
8. Biology Or Comp. Studies D 100 55
Total 800 560

The equivalent marks in matriculation (out of 850) are (560 ÷800) × 850 = 595

Equivalence of A-level Grades

The marks equivalent to A-level are computed using the above stated total marks (out of 800). Add to this, the marks for the three subjects of A-level using the above table. The total thus obtained is out of 1100. This total can then be used to work out the percentage marks for HSSC.

Example: Marks of the above mentioned student in A-level are given below:

Subject Grade
Chemistry C
Physics B
Mathematics A

Calculating equivalent marks:

Subject Grade Total Marks Marks Obtained
O-level Marks 800 560
Chemistry C 100 65
Physics B 100 75
Mathematics A 100 85
Total 1100 785

The equivalent marks in HSSC (out of 1100) are (785 ÷1100) × 1100 = 785