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Mr. Aamir Wali
Assistant Professor


Mr. Aamir Wali has been teaching at National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences since 2004. His areas of interest include font development, writing systems, machine learning, image processing, human computer interaction and virtual/augmented reality. He is one of the makers of the Nafees Nastaliq and Nafees Naskh fonts. His recent research is on combining evolution of data sets with pattern recognition, developing IT solutions for the disabled, and applications in AR/VR.
Recent Publications:

  • Wali, A. and Saeed, M., 2019. m-CALP–Yet another way of generating handwritten data through evolution for pattern recognition. Biosystems, vol. 175, pp.24-29, 2019. (IF. 1.460)
  • Wali, A. and Saeed, M. Biologically inspired cellular automata learning and prediction model for handwritten pattern recognition. Biologically Inspired Cognitive Architectures, vol. 24, pp.77-86. 2018. (IF. 0.684)
  • Wali, A., Tanveer, K., Fatima, S., Tanveer, A., Iftikhar, S. An Efficient Cloud-Based Traffic Signal Manipulation Algorithm for Path Clearance, International Conference on Distributed Computing and High Performance Computing (DCHPC 2018), Qom, Iran. 2018.
  • Wali, A., Haider Z., Fazal, R., Faraz, A., Hussain, H. Enabling Programming for the Quadriplegic. 5 th International Multi-topic ICT Conference 2018 (IMTIC’2018), MUET, Jamshoro, Pakistan. 2018.


  • M.S(Computer Science), NUCES, Islamabad, Pakistan (2005)
  • B.S(Computer Science), NUCES, Islamabad, Pakistan (2003)