Final Year students of LHR campus have won "DIY Project Design Competition"

 Happening date 10-Feb-2016
 Posted date 16-Feb-2016

It gives us immense pleasure to announce that the final year students of our Electrical Engineering department have won the First as well as the Second prize in the International "DIY Project Design Competition" conducted by IEEE. Our projects stood out for their innovation, originality and benefit to humanity. It is a moment of sheer pride that our students represented FAST-NU at a global level and rose victorious before 200 competitors from all around the worlds.

Title: EcoSens - Wireless Sensor and Actuation Network

Description: Monitoring and controlling the environment has become a necessity with the increasingly deteriorating environmental conditions throughout the world. This project uses the concept of body area network architecture. It consists of RF based wireless distributed monitoring and control nodes to monitor the happenings in the environment and also control it. The readings of environment from each node is saved onto a database, the real time display is shown on a website which can be accessed through smartphones, computers and tablets. Additional features of this system includes easily downloadable database, alerting a user in case of extreme environmental conditions and forecasting the environment well before time. The applications of this project are ranges from households to industries to open spaces.

- Usman Maqsood
- Reeba Raza
- Amir Salman

Title: Ball Bot

Description: The project Ball-Bot is a feedback control system in the form of a robot which utilizes the concept of dynamic stability to remain upright, balanced on a ball and have multi directional movement. It uses feedback control theory to actuate the ball and balance, rather than relying on gravity and a large wheel base unlike traditional robots. This allows the robot to be agile and have lesser foot print for it movement, increasing its performance.
- Osama Bin Tariq
- Ozair Ali Khan
- Aneeq Manzar