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Mr. Hassan Khalid
Lab Engineer


My name is Hassan Khalid and currently I am affiliated with FAST NUCES CFD campus in the department of Electrical Engineering. I was born and raised in Multan. Academically, I’m interested to excel my career in education sector and continue my research in the field off Electronics and Control System Engineering. After completing my BS program, joined FAST and took admission in UET Lahore for Masters and managed both of them simultaneously. There I worked under the supervision of Dr. Abdulr Rehman Kashif and completed the model of Silicon Carbide MOSFET in AIM-SPICE for open source education purpose. My vision is to bring innovative ideas and transform them for the useful of human being.

Field of Interest

  • Power Electronics
  • Control Systems
  • Circuit Designing
  • System Mathematical Modeling


  • Masters(Control), UET Lahore, Pakistan (2018)
  • Bachelors(Electronics), NFC IET Multan (BZU Multan), Pakistan (2015)