Program Overview

The MS in Management program is designed to develop the intellectual ability of researchers through understanding the academic body of knowledge in the field of Management Sciences with specializations in Human Resource Management, Marketing and Finance. Aligned with the mission of the School, that is, to discover and impart culturally and globally relevant knowledge in management sciences, the program is designed to facilitate scholars uncover the classic and recent global and regional body of knowledge and prepare them to generate knowledge and solutions, particularly for local and regional businesses, industry and society. The program is essentially research oriented and focuses on academic research having practical applications in real life. It is primarily suitable for those who want to pursue a career in academia but is also appropriate for those who want to pursue professional careers where advanced data analysis and report writing skills are required. The program can also help candidates evaluate their aptitude, strengths and weaknesses for their candidacy in PhD programs.

The key learning outcomes of the MS program are:

  • To develop the intellectual ability to think broadly and more deeply about the theory, beliefs and values at the root of business activities.
  • To cultivate the desire, knowledge and ability to conduct research independently.
  • To contribute towards the development of new ideas, theories and business models.
Scheme of Study

The electives can be taken from graduate level courses in the Faculty of Management Sciences with the recommendation of the supervisor.

Award of Degree

  • Passed courses totalling at least 30 credit hours, including all those courses which have been specified as Core courses
  • Obtained a CGPA of at least 2.5

Program offered in Campuses

Islamabad Karachi Lahore Peshawar Chiniot-Faisalabad
Tentative Study Plan
Semester 1
Crdt Hrs. Pre Req
MS001 Advanced Research Methods 3 -
MS002 Seminars in Management 3 -
MS003 Financial Theory & Research 3 -
Semester 2
Crdt Hrs. Pre Req
MS004 Research in Marketing 3 -
MS005 Elective-I 3 -
MS006 Elective-II 3 -
Semester 3
Crdt Hrs. Pre Req
MS007 Elective-III 3 -
MS008 MS Thesis-I 3 -
Semester 4
Crdt Hrs. Pre Req
MS009 Elective-IV 3 -
MS010 MS Thesis-II 3 -

Note 1: Registration in “MS Thesis-I” is allowed provided the student has:

  • Earned at least 18 credits
  • CGPA is equal to or more than 2.5