BS (Electrical Engineering)
Mission Statement

The mission of School of Electrical Engineering is to provide graduates with a strong and stable foundation in the traditional and contemporary areas of electrical engineering. The graduates of this program are able to conceive, formulate and effectively communicate solutions to technological problems in society. They are a responsible and productive member of the society upholding high moral standards having an aptitude and attitude towards the betterment of the society through their knowledge and skills. The undergraduate programs prepare the graduates for corporate and governmental entry level jobs and/or to pursue further education at the graduate level worldwide.

Program Objectives
  1. To inculcate graduates with technical competence through advanced and comprehensive knowledge of the practical aspect of electrical engineering, including analytical and design skills and of the technical tools to meet the engineering requirements.
  2. To provide an undergraduate education that will further enable qualified students to pursue Graduate/Higher studies in electrical engineering and related fields
  3. To cultivate Professional Development among graduates to manage multi-disciplinary teams, communicate effectively and have entrepreneurship skills.
  4. To instill Ethical and Social Responsibility into graduates so that they can practice and take ethically and socially responsible decisions.
Career Opportunities

This versatile degree opens careers in different areas of electrical engineering. You could specialize in telecom or computer engineering. You could pursue a career in telecom industry, in embedded system design, or as a software programmer.

Award of Degree

For the award of BS (Electrical Engineering) degree, a student must have:

  • Passed courses totalling at least 133 credit hours, including all those courses which have been specified as Core courses.
  • Obtained a CGPA of at least 2.00

Program offered in Campuses

Islamabad Karachi Lahore Peshawar Chiniot-Faisalabad
Tentative Study Plan
Semester 1
Crdt Hrs. Pre Req
EE116 Intro. To Computing 2+1 -
EE211 Engineering Workshop 0+1 -
MT117 Applied Calculus 3 -
NS110 Physics for Engineers 3+1 -
SS101 English Language 3 -
SS113 Pakistan Studies 3 -
Semester 2
Crdt Hrs. Pre Req
CS214 Programming Fundamentals 3+1 CS116
EE115 Linear Circuit Analysis 3+1 -
ME102 Engineering Drawing 0+1 -
MT203 Differential Equations 3 MT117
SS111 Islamic & Religious Studies 3 -
EEX06 Inter-Disciplinary Course-I 3 -
Semester 3
Crdt Hrs. Pre Req
CS210 Data Structures & Algorithms 3+1 CS214
EE225 Electronic Devices & Circuits 3+1 EE115
EE228 Electrical Network Analysis 3+1 EE115
MT104 Linear Algebra 3 -
EEX07 Inter-Disciplinary Course-II 3 -
Semester 4
Crdt Hrs. Pre Req
EE223 Signals & Systems 3+1 MT104
EE224 Electronic Circuit Design 3+1 EE225
EE227 Digital Logic Design 3+1 -
EE319 Probability & Random Processes 3 -
MT306 Multi-Variable Calculus 3 MT203
Semester 5
Crdt Hrs. Pre Req
EE221 Electro Mechanical Systems 3+1 EE228
EE303 µP Interfacing & Programming 3+1 EE225,EE227
EE305 Electromagnetic Theory 3 MT306
EE323 Analogue and Digital Communication 3+1 EE319,EE223
MT220 Complex Variables and Transforms 3 MT203
Semester 6
Crdt Hrs. Pre Req
EE302 Digital Signal Processing 3+1 EE223
EE304 Feedback Control Systems 3+1 EE223
EE317 Data Communication & Networks 3+1 -
MG222 Engineering Economics 3 -
SS142 Technical Report Writing 3 SS101
Semester 7
Crdt Hrs. Pre Req
EE482 Project - I 0+3 Note 1
MG414 Entrepreneurship 3 -
SS123 Communication Skills 3 SS101
EEX08 Specialization Elective-I 3 -
EEX09 Specialization Elective-II 3 -
Semester 8
Crdt Hrs. Pre Req
EE483 Project - II 0+3 EE482
MG330 Engineering Management 3 -
EEX10 Specialization Elective-III 3 -
EEX11 Specialization Elective-IV 3 -

Note: Registration in “Project-I” is allowed provided the student has earned at least 106 credit hours, and his/her CGPA is equal to or greater than the graduating CGPA (2.0).