BS(Civil Engineering)

The Civil Engineering degree is based on the HEC/PEC approved curriculum. In the first year the students learn the fundamentals of Civil Engineering supported by essential mathematics and physics courses. These courses are followed by breadth courses which introduce students to different aspects of Civil Engineering. In the senior year students choose a specialization stream and study advanced courses. In the highly competitive job market a graduate engineer is not only required to be knowledgeable in technical areas but is also expected to have excellent communication skills and an appreciation of cost effective engineering solutions. Students are offered courses in communication skills to prepare them for challenging environments. Courses like Professional Ethics contribute towards enhancing soft skills that help prepare a well rounded personality.

Career Opportunities

This degree program opens careers in different areas of Civil engineering.

Award of Degree

For the award of BS (Civil Engineering) degree, a student must have:

  • Passed courses totalling at least 136 credit hours, including all those courses which have been specified as Core courses.
  • Obtained a CGPA of at least 2.00

Program offered in Campuses

Islamabad Karachi Lahore Peshawar Chiniot-Faisalabad
Tentative Study Plan
Semester 1
Crdt Hrs. Pre Req
CV104 Engineering Drawing 1+2 -
CV201 Cv. Eng. Materials & Construction 2+1 -
EE181 Basic Electro-Mechanical Engg. 2+1 -
MT117 Applied Calculus 3 -
SS147 English Language Skills 2 -
SS148 Pakistan Studies 1 -
Semester 2
Crdt Hrs. Pre Req
CV102 Engineering Surveying 2+2 -
MT203 Differential Equations 3 MT117
NS112 Engineering Mechanics 3+1 -
NS113 Engineering Geology 2 -
SS144 Islamic & Religious Studies 2 -
Semester 3
Crdt Hrs. Pre Req
CS115 Computer Programming 1+2 -
CV221 Fluid Mechanics 3+1 -
CV232 Advanced Engineering Surveying 2+1 CV102
CV233 Mechanics of Solids-I 2+1 NS112
MG227 Engineering Economics 2 -
SS228 Sociology 2 -
Semester 4
Crdt Hrs. Pre Req
CV202 Cv. Eng. Drawing & Graphics 1+2 CV104
CV212 Structural Analysis-I 3 CV233
CV231 Soil Mechanics 3+1 -
CV234 Quantity Surveying & Estimation 2 -
MT221 Numerical Analysis 3 MT203
SS311 Tech. Communication Skills 2 SS147
Semester 5
Crdt Hrs. Pre Req
CV321 Advanced Fluid Mechanics 3+1 CV221
CV353 Structural Analysis - II 3 CV212
CV410 Steel Structures 3 -
CVXXX Architecture and Town Planning 2 -
MT305 Probability & Statistics 2 -
SS312 Philosphy 2 -
Semester 6
Crdt Hrs. Pre Req
CV311 Plain & Reinforced Concrete-I 3+1 CV233
CV322 Hydrology & Water Management 3+1 CV221
CV341 Environmental Engineering - I 2 CV221
CV351 Transportation Planning & Engg. 3 CV102
CV352 Mechanics of Solids - II 2+1 CV233
CV405 Geotechnical & Foundation Eng. 3+1 -
Semester 7
Crdt Hrs. Pre Req
CV354 Plain & Reinforced Concrete-II 3+1 CV311
CV404 Highway & Traffic Engineering 3+1 -
CV407 Environmental Engineering -II 2+1 -
CV482 Project - I 3 -
CVAAA Structural Engineering 3 -
NS402 Geo-Informatics 1+1 -
Semester 8
Crdt Hrs. Pre Req
CV401 Construction Management 3 -
CV411 Design of Structure 3 -
CV412 Hydraulic Engineering 2+1 -
CV413 Irrigation & Drainage Engineering 2+1 -
CV483 Project - II 3 CV482
MG4XX Hazards & Disaster Management 1 -

Note: Registration in “Final Year Project-I” is allowed provided the student has earned at least 102 credit hours, and his/her CGPA is equal to or greater than the graduating CGPA (2.0).